Layla Qassim

 The martyr Layla Qassim was born in 12/27/1952 on the outskirts of the city of Khanaqin in which there was Alwind refinery, descending from a modest Kurdish family. She had got three brothers and one sister whose name was Sabeeha. Her father was a worker in the oil refinery in Khanaqin. He brought up his children to love their homeland, like all patriots who made love of their homeland and the high principles and values as only their fortune in life. Thus the struggler Layla Qassim lived and grew up in an atmosphere of love and passion and affection by her family, and she was raised on the principles of patriotism and faith in people and homeland which have been strengthened by them.

When the security authorities of the buried regime hauled her and placed her in solitary confinement, they had practiced the ugliest forms of torture to extract confessions from her, but she rejected strongly to the extent that her executioners were amazed. Then they asked her a question: Which is the dearest for her ,her eyes or Kurdistan? She  stood proudly and with high confidence and said : Kurdistan is more precious than my eyes and my soul, then stepped up the gallows without fear or remorse with four of her heroes comrades  . She addressed the security men then:” I am a struggler for the legitimate cause which is the Kurdish issue, and I will sacrifice myself for it .”

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